A work in progress…

Interesting title – I had meant to post a note that this site is new and a work in progress.  I still need to get it setup and configured; I just didn’t want the “Hello World” post to be what anyone saw. But how appropriate to the purpose of this site. My journey to natural living was started years ago and yet is still a work in progress.

I can still remember the first step – a nutrition class that compelled me to give up my “crack.” As a programmer I could sit in front of a computer and easily drink two 2-litter bottles of diet soda a day. I loved that crack. I experienced such withdrawals over those first weeks. Tell me that is natural when I had to suffer sweats, shakes and cravings to stop drinking it.  Aspartame – the first speed bump on my journey to natural living.

That baby step was the start with many to follow in the last 5 years. I succeeded and failed many times attacking the killer chemicals in foods (dyes, glutamate, etc.).  I am still a work in progress starting now to experiment with making cleaning products and using essential oils instead of medications. I learn more daily and want to share that with you.

Thanks for visiting the site and I hope you keep coming back as I load more content weekly!


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